Visual Storytelling for Mining: Going Mobile

Let's think back to the last half of your day. How much content have you consumed? Whether it was from email, social media or a Google search, its staggering to think about all of the information we have looked over and perhaps even engaged with.

Now, take this same thought and ask yourself which content actually grabbed your attention. Was it a headline? Perhaps a photo? Video?

If you are like most Internet users, photos and video are the things which really make you stop in your online tracks. Even if it were for a split second or two whole minutes, that piece of content was able to grab your attention.

We are seeing mining companies engage with a broader audience using captivating images as primary drivers of attention. And what isn't incredibly visual about the industry? We work in beautiful locations throughout the world. We operate finely-tuned machinery, both above and below ground. The work, itself, typically blows people away with scientific and engineering tactics used as each company continues to deliver a product of value to the market.

Let's not take for granted how AWESOME our work really is. And, if you are like a lot of miners, you are very proud about the work you do and the benefits your company provides. 

So how do we use visual storytelling to highlight our operations in mining? Let us share a few ideas for you to get your operations started.

To preface, we're going to be focusing on video and moving image storytelling. The reasons are simple. Video has a higher engagement rate than any other medium online. Video and moving images are in such demand for Internet users that all major brands have prioritized production of video content in their marketing and communication strategies. 

On another note, trends in video content have progressed far beyond a simple camera, tripod and microphone setup. With the help in drone and camera technologies, companies such as ourselves are offering 360-Degree video productions of environmental storytelling. A great example can be found on this video by Rio Tinto:

To get you started on your mining company's visual storytelling journey, here are a couple key steps you will need to take:

1. Commit to it. Make video planning, production and editing a part of your workload. Producing at least one video each month will pay dividends in engagement and clicks in the long run.  

2. Think about mobile delivery. More people are turning to their smartphones to consume content. This trend will continue because this little device can go wherever the user goes. And content data shows more people are turning to their smartphones to view video content as well. But watch this closely over the next few years. Google has recently came out and shared their idea of moving from a mobile-first service to an A.I.-first service.

3. Find stories in each nuance. Each mining project has an incredible amount of stories to tell. Whether its about the land itself or the people who work the land, a mining operation has many moving parts to explain and share. This is good, right? Now you have ideas of what types of stories to share!

Online video gives mining companies the opportunity to invite viewers into their operations without a physical presence. It is a very powerful tool and one many already expect to be able to consume. Market forces are in play here.

In summary, online video production is an incredible way for mining companies to showcase their operations and the value they provide to local communities and stakeholders. Since more people are consuming video on a smartphone, miners must consider this trend when in production. We must commit to video, deliver it in the medium people are consuming, and be sure to find stories to share, even in the littlest places of the mine.