4 Mining Companies Not on Social Media But Should Be

It may be difficult to believe Facebook's business and company pages open availability is now 10 years old. Think about how far we've come since then, not only with Facebook, but with other applications like Twitter and Instagram.

Many mining and minex companies have adopted these communication tools. Some companies, specifically the major organizations in the industry, were early adopters. For example, Rio Tinto first adopted and began developing their Twitter account in the spring of 2008. Because these companies were early adopters and influencers of social media outreach within the mining industry, their follower-base and engagement metrics outperform many of their peers.

Even after these 10 years of shifting communication trends, there are still many hold-outs of mining organizations from these networks. 

We thought we would share a few of the larger mining companies in the world which, surprisingly, have not developed an external outreach strategy with social media but should certainly begin one. 

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Freeport - McMoran

Freeport - McMoran is the largest producer of copper and molybdenum in the world. The company owns 13 different operations in four different countries. They are a poster-child of the industry for its company sustainability and historic significance. 

So after more than 100 years of mining, developing new mining technologies, and expanding the Freeport footprint it seems incredibly surprising the company is inactive on the major social media networks.

Freeport is represented on a Twitter page, which appeared to be developed in 2011 and has over 500 followers. Unfortunately, the page appears to have never been updated with content. 

Their Facebook presence is also sparse, with a few groups dedicated to a couple of the Freeport operations. The company, however, does not engage its communities and stakeholders as a whole on the network.

Centerra Gold

Centerra is a Canadian-based gold mining and exploration company engaged in the operation, exploration, development and acquisition of gold properties in Asia, North America and other markets worldwide. The company really made a splash in the gold mining market last year with their acquisition of Thompson Creek Metals.

The company currently has 4 mines in operation with three more in development stages. Many gold investors, and the mining industry as a whole, are looking at Centerra to become an up-and-coming major player in the market. 

So with all the good news and positive reputation being directed to the Toronto-based company, why not engage their communities and drive interest of new investors on social media? They have a lot of things going for them, including new properties, a catchy logo, an international presence, and a young CEO.

Hochschild Mining

Hochschild Mining plc is a leading British-based silver and gold mining business operating in North, Central and South America. It is headquartered in London, is listed on the London Stock Exchange. 

The company does have a Facebook page with more than 7,000 followers. Where it succeeds in one networks, however, it lacks on others. The company does not have a current Twitter presence, where many investors turn to for company information, nor Instagram page where many miners in South America congregate online

First Quantum Minerals

First Quantum is a Vancouver, British Columbia based mining and metals company whose principal activities include mineral exploration, development and mining. In 2016 First Quantum produced 539,458 tonnes of copper, 23,624 tonnes contained tonnes of nickel, 214,012 ounces of gold and 28,862 tonnes of zinc, exceeding previously announced market guidance and 2015 production levels.

According to the company's web site, First Quantum employs more than thirteen-thousand people throughout the world. This is almost equal to the amount of followers the company has earned on its Facebook page

Unfortunately, the First Quantum Facebook page has not been updated with new content since October of 2015. When the company was engaged with the network, they were sharing some really engaging content. It was informative and welcoming on many different levels.

Anything about First Quantum Minerals on Twitter has come from outside sources, including news organization and other mining investment organizations. And since most of their operations are held in African countries where Internet accessibility and social media engagement is progressing rapidly, the company should consider re-engaging its Facebook followers and build its Twitter audience.

As we have positioned Clear Creek Digital as being the leader in external communications and social media for mining organizations to partner with, we believe every mining and minex company can add value to their organizations through these networks. Engaging audiences online will enhance transparency and build trust. We are here to help any mining organization really build the brand and reputation which best represents them.