10 Favorite Twitter Accounts on the Mining Industry

Many of the social media analysts and digital marketing professionals might tell you Twitter is a dying network. We're not necessarily buying it. We use Twitter everyday to stay up to date with much of the mining industry. It is a great resource to stay informed.

So we thought it would be nice to share some of our most favorite Twitter accounts we follow to keep informed in industry knowledge and thought leadership. We are not saying these are the "Best" or the "Top" accounts, because we'll let you make those decisions. Instead, these 10 are just a few of our favorite accounts. We recommend you give them a look and follow their content on a regular basis.


RAW Talks (@_RAW_Talks )

Relatively new to the industry is RAW Talks, an interview series that shares insight and ideas from innovative thinkers and practitioners in the field of resource policy and economics. Topics, thus far, have included doing business in Africa, community relations and Europe's role in the mining industry. 

We love RAW Talks because of its delivery. Each topic is broken down into a handful of quick interview videos with some of the leaders in industry and thought. Most people pay attendance fees to listen to such insights during conferences or seminars. RAW Talks brings those conversations into the digital fold for free and we are certainly proud of them for doing so.

Yukon Mining Alliance (@InvestYukon)

Yukon Mining Allliance is focused on creating innovative capital attraction initiatives to promote Yukon’s competitive advantages as a top mineral investment jurisdiction and its member companies and their Yukon-based projects. 

In summary, they promote mining investment and exploration. And to help do so, they lean on social media content to help spread the word. Their images are incredible and the messages are on point with their mission. 

American Exploration and Mining Association (@MiningAmerica)

The American Exploration & Mining Association, est. 1895, is a 2,500 member non-profit, non-partisan national trade association based in Spokane, Washington. AEMA is the recognized national voice for exploration, the junior mining sector, maintaining access to public lands, and represents the entire mine life cycle, from exploration through production to reclamation and closure.

AEMA utilizes its Twitter account to give voice to news regarding all of its members and member organizations. Its a great center-piece of information regarding more than 2,500 individuals and companies.

Rio Tinto Borates (@RTBorates)

Rio Tinto's borax operation in the Mojave Desert is a beacon of incredible U.S. history. Not only is today’s Boron Operation California's largest open-pit mine, it also supplies a third of the world's supply of borates.

And this year the mine is celebrating 145 years of operation, dating back to its start in Nevada in 1872, then a decade later in Death Valley, where the 20 Mule Teams became an American icon to the pioneering West. To celebrate, the communications team implemented something remarkable: 145 different history lessons of the operation spread over 145 days leading up to the October 7 community wide celebration at Boron’s Twenty Mule Days. This takes incredible research, planning and content production. They are currently showing what is possible with mining's social media messaging.

Deloitte Mining (@Deloitte_Mining)

It goes without saying that Deloitte has been a very credible and successful consulting company for almost all industries. Even in Mining, the company provides incredible insights in risk management, legal and assurance.

All of these come together in Deloitte Mining's twitter feed. They are current in technologies forecasting for the industry and are not bashful in sharing those insights on their social media pages. 

Andy Randell (@StrataGeoData)

Andy states is the best when describing himself on Twitter: An "Epically bearded Geological Consultant based in Vancouver tweeting about shiny things!"

He is the Principal Geoscientist for Hive, a geological consulting service disrupting the traditional business model through "crowd consulting." Andy takes this unique approach and visually shares his and his company's stories through social content and photos. We are able to meet the future, up and coming, professionals in geosciences along with some of the incredibly remote areas he works in. 

The banner of Andy Randell's Twitter Page.

Charles Nyabeze (@charlesnyabeze)

Mr. Nyabeze is the Director of of Government Affair for the Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation in Sudbury, Ontario. We've been following him for a few years now on Twitter and other social networks. We are confident to include him as a thought leader in innovation theory when speaking directly about the mining industry. 

Not only does Mr. Nyabeze share new technology innovations within the mining industry, he is also known to "mic-drop" some inspirational one-liners about the need to accept and adopt new innovations in the industry. When new tech approaches, his messages allow us to re-engineer our thoughts into potential acceptance rather than blind neglect.

Jo Miles( @geologyjomiles)

To be honest, we don't know much about Ms. Jo Miles, other than she is a Geology PhD researching epithermal paleosurfaces from submarine environments in Greece.  She may not even have a desire to work in the mining industry but she does have the passion to inspire others in learning more about geological formations using a creative tool in her twitter content. That tool is a small lego man with a hard hat who finds itself between a rock.... and other rocks.

Remember, geology and mining are fun and amazing trades. Share that love with the world!

International Council for Mining & Metals (@ICMM_com)

One of the most well respected organizations on the global mining scale is the International Council for Mining & Metals. ICMM is an international organization dedicated to a safe, fair and sustainable mining industry. They serve as a catalyst for change; enhancing mining’s contribution to society. They provide a continuous dialogue about the significance and value the industry provides the world.

To highlight the incredible work its members are completing in environmental stewardship, transparency and economic development, ICMM turns to Twitter to spread the good word. They are really pushing the needle in open dialogue for the industry.

Cat Mining (@CatMining)

Trucks and heavy machinery are awesome. Let us all admit it. We might even go as far to call them sexy. And Caterpillar's mining fleet is something we all yearn to watch in awe. That's why Cat Mining is a must-follow on Twitter. Not only do they keep producing new technologies in equipment performance and operations, but they are also one of the most important parts of the mining industry.