A Social License to Operate Needs Online Video

When examining the impact of online video on mining’s public relations commitment, we must first examine the term ‘social license’ and define what that really means. The concept is fairly new, only emerging as a concept in the past ten years or so. The social license to operate means that a community and other stakeholders have given continuing acceptance and approval to an ongoing project. In short, it means that the community along with other stakeholders are on board with the project and continue to support it as it moves forward. Such a license is extremely important for the uninterrupted success of a project It is a part of corporate social responsibility , also known as CSR.

The social license to operate is also not a static entity. That license needs to be maintained by the company running the project while it progresses through the various stages of development. One excellent way to do this is by keeping in regular contact with the community and addressing any concerns they might have with the project. In this way, the community feels that the company is listening to their concerns and the effective communication fosters a positive relationship between the community and the company managing the project. Naturally, the evolution of the Internet and online video have altered how the social license to operate is gained and maintained.

With the Internet and online video, there is far greater awareness of business projects and their interactions with the community. EITI is a great example. This greater awareness means that if a business company behaves unethically or illegally, the backlash is significant and immediate. The negative publicity garnered from behaving in such a way is enough to derail and even stop large-scale business projects.

Of course, this also means that the opposite is true. Positive relationships and effective communication with the community can quickly boost a company’s reputation, allowing them to pursue their business interests in a cooperative environment. Therefore, it is critical that companies make use of online video and the Internet to promote their company as a positive force in the community and receptive to feedback from all parties involved. The Yukon Chamber of Mines, in the past, has done an excellent job of even utilizing live video of public hearings to reach a larger constituency.

Corporate social responsibility is also a vital part of the equation. Corporate social responsibility involves a company ensuring it is in active compliance with the law, ethical standards, and national or international norms. Maintaining this compliance is an important step toward developing a positive reputation. In this era of online video, the mining and extracting industries must strive not only to maintain such compliance but also to advertise the fact of their compliance. Online video and other new technology mean that communities and the world at large is watching for compliance from companies. Online video also changes the social license in that it has to be constantly maintained. Mining companies now have the opportunity to become the first source of information.

Online video means that communities, local leaders, and governments can respond to the actions of business interests even more quickly than they could previously. This means that the social license to operate for the mining company has to be constantly maintained. Environmental considerations, community interests, and possible negative consequences of accessing a resource must all be taken into account when considering such a decision. The social license to operate might be revoked if the community perceives a company as purposefully acting without regard to the environment or the well-being of the community. Thus, it is imperative to preserve a positive online presence in the modern age.

Following the laws and regulations of a community and nation as a whole is another component of maintaining the social license to operate. Such diligence in following the laws and regulations creates a sense of trust between the community and the mining company. This causes an improved relationship between the two and can lead to even better relations as time passes. Of course, following the laws and regulations also helps a company avoid prosecution or fines resulting from violating regulations or breaking laws associated with their mining activity. However, online video is affecting this aspect of the social license to operate as well.

With the availability of online video, violation of regulations or breaking of laws can be recorded by almost anyone: citizens, government employees, or even random passerby who happen to witness the misconduct. Online video can also spread this misconduct across the Internet rapidly and generate a great deal of negative publicity for the mining company. This may result in the termination of the social license to operate and possibly criminal prosecution. Additionally, online video can be used as evidence in a court of law to implicate the mining company in breaking laws or violating regulations.

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