9 Instagram Accounts Every Miner Should Follow

One of the most important strategies a mining company or operation can implement in their external relations strategies is to tell their story or share their information through visual content. With the use of photographs and video, an audience is more likely to devote their attention to imagery or captivating movement seen through a lens.

Instagram allows you to share this content to your audience while also utilizing hashtags for a more organic reach outside of that established audience.  With over 400-million users, this social media network is a medium the mining industry must consider utilizing in any communications strategy. And if you are an external relations professional in a mining organization, the fact that Instagram provides 58% more engagement than Facebook should motivate you to adopt similar initiatives.

To assist you on your Instagram journey, we recommend you connect and follow these accounts paving the way of mining organization engaging with the network.


1.     Covergalls

2.     Sandvik Group

3.     Thiess Mining

4.     Glencore

7.     _J_a_i_m_e_


Clear Creek Digital Strategy Advice: Consider allowing one employee a month “Take-Over” the company’s Instagram account. Ask him or her to share images and video of the daily routine, either in the office, with the equipment or out in the mine. This will give a great perspective of what it is really like to work in a mining operation.


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