This Year's Most Influential Women in Mining

Mining’s 2016 began with forethoughts of concern and skepticism. Most commodity prices fell below the trends of profits and extended value. Many companies began the process of cost-cutting and corporate sustainability maneuvers.

But as we now look towards the end of the year, there certainly seems to be a renewed sense of optimism and profitability surrounding the industry. Fortunately, for mining stakeholders and for the general public, we have a few incredible influencers in the industry. During this trying time, these women seemed to promote that sense of optimism throughout the year.

Please let us take a quick moment to define what Clear Creek Digital means as an “Influencer.” In all basic marketing and communications terms, we are defining these women as the top “Brand Influencers” within the mining industry. These are women who are extremely passionate about the global mining spectrum and who possess an incredible ability to share that information to a greater global audience.

With that, let’s begin…..

Anne Lewis, Executive Director at Yukon Mining Alliance

Anne took on the Executive Director role at Yukon Mining Alliance (YMA) 5 Years ago. Since her tenure, the organization has obtained incredible visibility through in-person marketing opportunities and through online channels. She has excelled in a very challenging role due to Yukon’s remote location.

She is focused on creating innovative capital attraction initiatives to promote Yukon's competitive advantages as a top mineral investment jurisdiction for its member companies and their Yukon-based project. Most importantly, she promotes Yukon as a first class mining jurisdiction. She works with qualified companies in Yukon engaged in activities including advanced exploration, mine development, production and reclamation with known gold, silver, copper, nickel and PGM resources. She is also the founder of the Yukon Women in Mining organization.

Lesley Stokes, Staff Writer at the Northern Miner

A self-proclaimed gold junkie with a copper problem, Lesley’s intrigue about the art and science of geology, exploration and storytelling is unrivaled within the industry. If you have the privilege to listen to her “Geology Corner” conversations on the publication’s podcast, you will quickly recognize her astounding skill of taking the topic of geology, which is usually clad with 5-syllabal words and scientific terminology, and turning it into something easily understood.

Seriously, Lesley is one of the few to define a multi-million year time frame of earth’s history in one sentence…. And make it sound like we missed out on the most incredible party. Her brand influencer status within the mining industry will continue to inspire more people to think about the industry, and geology, as a potential career.

Carly Leonida, Editor at Mining Magazine

Carly took on the incredible task of transitioning a traditional medium, Mining Magazine, and launching it into the digital workspace. For the past 5 years, she has acted as purveyor of industry news and information in both digital and traditional formats. Not only did she manage the redesign of the magazine’s website, she also welcomed the development of it’s social media networks and engagement.

What has really impressed us with Carly in the past year is her genuine interest in sharing global mining news and information. Although she is an editor for a major content producer within the mining industry, she continues to promote articles, information and other content from her industry colleagues around the world.

Earlier this year, the non-profit Women in Mining (WIM) organization released their immaculate list of 100 Global Inspirational Women in Mining. We would also like to congratulate those women for their dedication, excellence and advancement of the industry. Thank you for everything you do for your companies, employees and communities.

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