Clear Creek Digital Announces SEO Partnership

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is used to increase the quality and quantity of traffic to your website through organic searches. The goal is to be the top result on Google when searching different key words. This allows companies to gain relevant clicks and interactions to their website. SEO is a great way to build applicable traffic to your website with a low cost.

While big global consumer brands have invested millions of dollars in planning and implementing SEO strategies to increase brand recognition and improve revenues, the mining industry and the companies which service mining projects are just now beginning to recognize the importance of organic online search traffic to reach new business leads and increase their own brand recognition in this niche industry.

To help our clients and partners leverage SEO Clear Creek Digital has partnered with Two Octobers, a leading SEO marketing agency in Denver, CO. The objective of this unique partnership is for our clients to appear at the top of the search engine when relevant information is Googled.

Trevor Hall, President of Clear Creek Digital, said “I am thrilled to be partnering with Two Octobers to offer SEO strategies for the mining and mining services industries. These businesses must consider the online search as means to help grow businesses, revenue and brand recognition. We have been fortunate to conduct many SEO and keyword audits on different topics important to mining. What we have found is tremendous opportunities for our clients to really dominate the first page of Google within specific keywords and key themes being searched. With this strategic partnership with Two Octobers, Clear Creek Digital clients can improve in this competitive space.”

“We see businesses of all sizes and maturity levels who have not taken advantage of even the lowest-hanging fruit in regards to SEO,” Says Ray Stein of Two Octobers. “Companies can grow their organic web traffic with SEO by optimizing their websites for relevant search terms related to their respective mining niches. As more and more people lean on search engines to get information about the mining industry and its investment opportunities, taking advantage of SEO now will be an investment that pays off many times over in the coming years.  The Clear Creek Digital and Two Octobers partnership brings in-depth knowledge of the mining industry and SEO together to provide an incredibly valuable and unique offering that will help businesses in the mining industry set themselves apart from their competitors.”

SEO can be done by anyone but mistakes can be made. Unfortunately, there are many misleading articles on the internet that give different advise about how to use SEO. Ray Stein with Two Octobers stated, “Every day I see good intentions with uniformed execution leading to bad results.  Mostly it means that somebody read an article and took the initiative to enact the advice - without knowing the downstream implications.”

While there are mistakes that can be made, when used correctly, there are incredible benefits to SEO. The biggest benefit is potential customers and shareholders can find you online, which can lead to being a brand leader in the industry. After all, industry leaders are found one page 1 of a Google search.

“By raising your digital presence you also may gain the attention of writers, media, industry organizations, or anyone else who might be interested in your expertise or business, “ says Stein

Getting results from SEO can vary depending on what the company is looking for. It relies on competition, desired results, scope of work, and how much being invested. An example Ray gives is, “If you are a brand-new business hoping to be the first result for a broad term like, "mining", it can take a while and be a huge investment.  But, established companies looking to show up for more specific search terms should be able to achieve this with moderate investments and time.”

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