Connecting Millennials to Mining Stocks: Generating Power with Opportunity

The millennial generation is a case study of an entire demographic with an upbringing unlike any other before it. This age group was raised on mobile technology, instant connectivity, and 24/7 information.

This generation, at a young age, witnessed geo-political transformation after planes crashed into the World Trade Center.

Millennials in the United States and around the world also experienced the market recession of 2008 and the effects it had on local economies and their own families.

As society continued to promote college education as the best means of improving your career, millennials saw their student loan debts increase with a worry about the ability to pay them back.

With the reflection of this societal foundation, we can now piece together some reasons as to why the millennial generation finds the stock market to be intimidating. In fact, only 9% of Millennials are active in the stock market.

But there is good news, especially for the resource sector and those companies involved in base metal exploration and mining. One of the most leading concerns for Millennials is climate change.

According to Credit Suisse, “it is no surprise that support for electric bill surcharges for developing renewable energy was highest among millennials, according to a study conducted by Deloitte in the USA. In addition, as they are used to benefiting from the ‘sharing economy,’ they also have the greatest interest in community solar power.”

The opportunity for mining and exploration companies, from the juniors to the majors, is extensive. Not only does mining feed the supply chain to make advanced renewable energy infrastructure comprehensible, but it also provides an avenue for this young generation to support through affordable investment and speculations.

Anne Ackerley discussed in the BlackRock Blog that “67% of millennials say they want investments to reflect their social and environmental values.” This can be done through many of the base metals used in renewable energy, including Zinc, Copper, Nickel, Lithium, Silver, Cobalt, and Vanadium.

Throughout the summer, we will be developing blog posts on each of these metals, what their applications are in renewable energy (wind, solar, electric vehicles, battery storage, etc), and where some opportunities lie for young investors to consider after conducting their own due diligence.

For the companies exploring and supplying these metals, it gives them a foundation to help re-engineer the outgoing communications to a potentially massive retail investor community soon to experience an equally massive transition of wealth.

We look forward to sharing this information and appreciate your feedback!