Mining Stock Education: Documenting One Man's Investing Journey

Weeks ago, I had the great opportunity to connect with Bill Powers of and his audio podcast of the same title. I've been a consumer and fan on the podcast for almost a year now.

Bill provides a bit of a different twist with his podcast. His unique perspective is one of a living medium documenting his journey as an investor in the junior mining resource market. Bill's genuine curiosity about the status with both the macro and micro issues, along with a profound ethic of research and due diligence prior to his interviews, allows the content to reach an audience outside of most peripheries from many traditional analysts and promotors.

Listen to the latest Clear Creek Digital podcast with Bill Powers of Mining Stock Education, right here, on the Digital Dredge.

In 2012, Bill was turned on to gold as a safe-haven asset to protect his wealth. Eventually, his investment money diversified into other precious commodities and publicly-listed mining companies. In those early days, Bill saw incredible growth and success with his investments. 

It was then when he decided to take the lessons he learned and provide the same information about the junior mining market's ebbs and flows to others. 

"I actually bought over $1,000 worth of books to learn more about mining stock investing, just to study. I'd also strip audio off of Youtube videos and listen to them while I drove," said Bill.

With a growing demand for audio content from consumers and investors, many companies of various sizes, are turning to podcasting and Youtube videos to share that content. There is, however, much room for improvement. What the industry should know about audio is that at this present moment, it may be one of the most under-valued marketing and promotional tools for the junior mining space. 

Much like Bill listening to the audio from Youtube videos in his vehicle, podcasting and audio streaming is passive medium, allowing the consumer to multitask while engaging with the audio content.

It is safe to say, we are currently experiencing an audio renaissance.

When it comes to the mining industry, more retail investors can be reached with this medium with effectiveness. 

"From my observation, as a private mining investor, I think more companies are coming into social media and podcasting to help them out. We are currently seeing this from Anaconda mining and their proposed takeover of Maritime Resources. Their CEO posted a Youtube video about why the takeover is a positive move for the shareholders. The Youtube channel has about 42 subscribers, but that video received over 500 views in a day or two," Bill shared.

According to Statista, 45% of global internet users aged 25-34 listen to podcasts. The data behind listenership and consumption is reason to rethink marketing and promotion materials outside the industry's traditions. 

In summary, Clear Creek Digital is here as a resource to miners and mineral explorers looking for unique and creative ways to promote their business and projects. We are data-focused in our approach and look to leverage interactive channels to grow professional online networks and audiences. For more information on this approach, please email for a conversation.