Recruiting the Next Generation of Miners

Last week I had the opportunity to speak in front of 30 local Colorado coal mining professionals. What I presented to the group was an overview of how current digital communications and marketing trends for shaping the landscape of information sharing.

There are two key reasons why I feel the work we do at Clear Creek Digital is so important to the mining industry. First, we are currently in an era of unknown mining knowledge within the larger population. We have a knowledge gap between the mining company and the consumer. That is hardly arguable. Clear Creek wants to narrow that gap and improve the reputation of the industry.

Secondly, Clear Creek Digital sees sustainability to communicating the value of the mining profession to a younger audience. We want to help the industry visualize how mineral exploration and mining can be an exemplary course of work, especially for those interested in science, engineering and overall adventure.

The response I observed from the room of coal miners was quite extraordinary. Instead of turning away from the context and value of social media within the industry, they were quite critical of themselves for not being "forthright" in communicating their value to a generation.

"It's up to us to do this," one gentleman exclaimed.

It's easy to go about our own jobs and positions. To do what's right for the operation or the value of the company. After all, a happy stakeholder is a happy operation, right? But what many people in mining operations, management and administration forget is that they have an incredible experience to share. Our work matters and we are proud to be a part of it. So, if you are proud about your mining experience, you should be proud to share that information online.

Whether you like it or not, a mining company has remarkable experiences to share. Many mining engineers go to a mine and think of technical solutions. Clear Creek Digital goes to a mine and finds incredible stories and content to share.

To reach the next great generation of mining professionals, those of us currently in the industry must step out of the communications comfort zone and begin engaging directly to that audience. That might mean shooting some selfies in the pit, taking video of a haul truck, or describing different methods of mineral processing. If not us, than who?

Remember, there are many digital PR and communication firms in the world today. But only Clear Creek Digital is mining focused. We're proud of that so we are sharing what we do, our experience, with you.

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