Pokemon Go for Marketing: Start Now Before It's Too Late

Pokemon Go, the augmented reality game from Niantic, is the latest testing ground for marketers. The overwhelming success of the game means potential changes in advertising revenue streams for the company and better scripted opportunity for marketers. For now, however, the opportunity to engage the the game's users is simple and cost-effective.

So how do you attract the Pokemon go frenzy?

1. Download the app and become acquainted with it. It is not necessary to become a Pokemon Go wizard, but knowing how the game and interface works will be a huge benefit to you. Don't worry, if you allow it, your addiction to the game might grow naturally.

2. Welcome gamers with a sign. Oddly enough, the most tradition communication of a printed sign welcoming local users could go along way! You might find the virtual creatures have popped up in your neighborhood, encouraging foot traffic to stroll past. See if you can grab their attention and take a look inside your storefront.

3. Empower the user with Electrical Power. Set up a charging station in your store, welcoming users to plug in and fuel up their smart phones. After all, to play Pokemon Go you need juice!

4. Spend a little money and set some lures. Lures increase Pokemon generation in the area for 30 minutes. Luring is an insanely powerful tool that you really have to see to believe. Be sure to prepare for their arrival!

These are good first steps to utilize the game for your business. Be sure to activate quickly because revenue streams for the company are likely to change the structure. Until then, Happy Pokemon Searching!