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How to Reach Thousands of Investors for Mining Projects

Why would listed companies bother with social media? After all, an iron ore company does not sell any more iron ore to a Chinese steel mill because of its Facebook page. A biotech working on a cure for cancer doesn’t even have a product to sell. That’s the mistake that hundreds of ASX-listed companies are making. They think social media is about customers and clients only. READ MORE

Mining's Public Service Announcement on Climate Change

The relationship between mining and climate change is tricky. Although the mining industry utilizes and produces much of the energy consumption link to global warming, mitigating its effects relies on the mining industry for mineral production. Here's why it is important for mining companies to publicly address the issue. READ MORE

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A Mining Company's 5-Step Social Media Strategy

Here's a 5-Step Process for Mining Companies to Follow when Starting a Social Media Strategy..