Digital Marketing for Small Business

We love working with small and unique businesses to help grow online engagement, generate new leads and becoming more profitable. We believe every business has a wonderful story to tell about it came from and where it wants to go. And to meet those goals, a business must welcome it's online audience to engage.



Social Media marketing

Posting and sharing effective content on social media sites requires more than highlighting your product line. Networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram allow you to build trust and share your value to community stakeholders while generating leads and increasing visibility.

Clear Creek Digital will help you develop strategic social media campaigns for increased engagement and brand recognition. Social Media was developed to be a fun way to connect with other individuals. We like to keep the "fun" in the process and the content. Allow Clear Creek Digital to not only manage your posts and gain followers, but to also listen to the online conversations about your business and brand.


content marketing and SEO

The ability to create content which provides value and information to an audience looking for answers is a daunting task. The benefits, however, can be incredible for any business. We pair our SEO strategies with our content marketing strategies because they have become one in the same. Clear Creek Digital develops user and mobile friendly content strategies for businesses to share their value and promote the experience they provide. If someone is searching for a specific topic on Google, we want to make sure our partner's content is competing in the space to answer it.


email marketing automation

From nurturing your current email lists with promotional content, to capturing new leads via email, our Email Marketing strategies are incorporated throughout the entire campaign. We strongly believe in the power of using email to push your story and capture attention of customers. But it is much more than one-off emails. Instead, we create automated workflows within each campaign to nurture each lead within that specific purchasing cycle. What we create is behavior-based messaging sent when the timing is right.

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